Sunday, April 24, 2016

HBO's Boring Political Movies

HBO cannot find anything to make a film about so 25 years after the fact they did one on Clarence Thomas’s confirmation to the Supreme Court – Entitled “Confirmation”. HBO is notorious for doing liberally biased films such as the outing of CIA desk jockey Valarie Plame during the Bush administration. Firstly, nothing new was brought to the surface in the Thomas versus Anita Hill saga. It is still a he said, she said scenario and without any evidence of the contrary, a different outcome is still not possible. Essentially 25 years later we learned nothing new from the liberally slanted movie “Confirmation”.

Secondly, I find it troubling that HBO can find time to make boring movies about sexual harassment or the outing of a CIA agent who was no longer in the field. Sure, these are troubling topics and no one is condoning any wrongdoing. But how come HBO and the media are quiet when it comes to Democrat scandals? And these scandals are much worse than those of the GOP.

Why doesn’t HBO do a film on Obama blunders or scandals? There are many to choose from:

How about the Fast and Furious debacle where the ATF lost track of weapons that the drug cartel used to kill an American Border Agent and hundreds of innocent Mexican civilians. What’s worse is that Obama threatens to ban the same guns and weapons that his administration failed to properly track. Still, HBO and the media think the big story is about sexual harassment.

What about the Obama administration’s targeting conservative media outlets and non-profit organizations via the DOJ or IRS?

How about the administration and state department covering up the truth about Benghazi or putting our security at risk by using non-secure servers to discuss national security issues? This story could also include how Obama went to war in Libya unilaterally that led to a safe haven for terrorists.

How about a story about the administration tactics that have made race relations in the U.S. lower than any point in the past two decades?

How about a story about how the administration botched the Arab spring; failed to keep stability in Iraq and Afghanistan; and failed in the Syrian revolution?

How about a story about how the administration moved unilaterally to create a treaty with Iran which includes providing them with billions of dollars that will be used to sponsor terrorism around the globe?

And I am just scratching the surface on mega scandals and head scratching decisions that have violated the rights of citizens around the globe including death. Yet, HBO and media find the leak of the identity of a CIA agent and sexual harassment to be the biggest stories of the past two decades. This is truly mind boggling on any level.

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