Saturday, March 26, 2016

Obama Begets Trump

There has been a lot of talk that Obama is to blame for the rise of Trump. There is a lot of truth to this sediment but Obama is certainly not the only person to blame for the rise of Trump. Republicans have a lot of blame for this as well. If congressional members merely did the job their constituents elected them to do, then maybe the world of Trump could have been avoided. Obama has been an abrasive narcissistic leader – similar to Trump. And the electorate is definitely mad at both Republicans and Democrats alike. This could be the simple reason for the rise of Trump.

I believe the reason for the rise of Trump is not just about the feelings of the electorate – it goes a little deeper – the intellect of the electorate. I believe the reason is as I point out in an earlier blog – “The Reality TV Election”. And when we really get down to it, Obama was the first Reality TV President. Obama was the first President to blow off those boring press conferences for “cooler” appearances on talk programs such as on Comedy Central with John Stewart. The President doesn’t address the nation anymore about domestic or foreign crisis, but instead appears on ESPN to divulge his NCAA brackets. In fact, the President would place a higher importance on appearing on “The View” or campaigning then dealing with Russia, Benghazi, or the IRS Scandal. Obama has even appeared on Reality TV programs. Yes, in the narcissistic generation of social media – Obama is our first reality TV president.

Trump is not much different. Trump will also appear on the talk shows like Obama. The media loves to cover both Trump and Obama while ignoring more credible candidates. And like Obama, Trump has made elections and the office of the presidency more exciting by rambling about their dislike for others and avoiding substantive explanations on policy. Yes, both Trump and Obama turn out tens of thousands of ignorant people to campaign events. These people are ignorant and oblivious about the true reality of the world. They actually believe true global realities can be found on reality TV.

Let’s not forget that a big portion of Trump support this primary season is from Democrats. Especially, uneducated blue collar workers with ties to unions – a big part of the Obama coalition. However, Trump’s appeal is much more questionable than Obama’s. While Obama had the support of the entire Democratic Party (the Reality TV Party) and brought minorities to the polls in droves, Trumps appeal to a large number of independents and Republicans is in question – especially educated and elder persons who Reality TV does not thrill.

It will also be hard for Trump to muster support from Democratic Reality TV candidate: Hillary Clinton. Clinton also goes on the shows and like many on Reality TV, she is a criminal with no moral being. So Trump will have his work cut out for him to win those votes.

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