Sunday, July 19, 2015

Liberals Eye Cash Cow after Gay Marriage Ruling

With every decision there are consequences. And the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage is no different. With liberals, it is never enough, they want more. And if Churches refuse to marry gay couples they could be their next target. Liberals will pressure the IRS to eliminate tax exempt status of those churches refusing to marry gay couples.

Liberals are grossly wrong to assume the government can spend church contributions better than the church itself. Our government is a massive bureaucracy loaded with egos making it highly inefficient. Whereas, I can see the result that local churches have on communities by offering free meals and collecting donations for families going through tough times. This is always a big misconception by liberals. And let’s not forget, if the charitable status is eliminated and charitable contributions are no longer tax deductible there will be a decrease in charitable spending.

Do not get me wrong, I am not a big fan of religion (I do not see faith and religion as having to be the same thing). Like the government, they are a smaller version of bureaucracy and wasteful spending. And I am not a huge fan of tax exempt organizations for the most part. But, it is wrong to go after some non-profits and not others. We do not like to create and enforce laws equally. Tax exempt universities do not follow many federal laws, but the government has not come after them. For instance, they work with corporations and patent royalties are paid out to employees (teachers). Heck, states such as Colorado, Washington, and Alaska do not follow federal laws for marijuana and the federal government is looking the other way.

Separation of church and state is not a Constitutional right, it was brought forth in the Federalist Papers. However, SCOTUS has generally ruled in favor of religious freedom whenever government has tried to interfere in such matters as with the Hobby Lobby case. However, in the gay marriage case Justice Kennedy warned Churches that they can lose their tax exempt status if they refuse to uphold the law of the land. But so long as IRS continues to include the Church of Scientology on the tax exempt list, most Churches should not fear this threat from SCOTUS.

Government and the courts interfering in church activities, such as marriage, is certainly not a good thing. And what’s worse is that the government is never consistent with its enforcement of laws. While the government will be more than happy to collect tax revenues from churches, it will continue to allow Planned Parenthood and labor unions to continue with their tax exempt status even though they are more political than they are willing to help people.

Personally, I would like to see a separation of government from all tax exempt organizations. Unfortunately, the government funds many tax exempt organizations which turns into a vicious cycle of dirty money through the quid pro quo process. We see this with Planned Parenthood and labor unions as well as many conservative tax exempt organizations (for government subsidies they in turn give monies to political campaigns). This is just wrong and the only way to rid ourselves of such evils is do away with all tax exempt statuses. Of course, this will destroy some very good charitable services along the way. It is too bad some bad apples took advantage of such loopholes for political and personal gain.

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