Sunday, June 28, 2015

SCOTUS and Gay Marriage

Is it really the job of the Supreme Court to write federal law? No, but they continue to do so with the gay marriage ruling. By saying gay marriage is constitutional it overrides the voice of the people in over 30 states who have Constitutional Amendments to ban gay marriage. It also overrides state referendums on the subject.

It is not the job of SCOTUS to overrule the will of the people. It is not the job of SCOTUS to make federal laws. It is amazing how SCOTUS has used the 14th Amendment as an excuse to change the political landscape of this country time and time again. Each person in the country can read the 14th Amendment and we would get 300 million different and unique interpretations of its meaning. It is a stretch to see how it has anything to do with gay marriage.

Personally, I have no issue with gay marriage and would be a proponent for it if people on that side of the isle would stop being hypocrites. These are the same people that support Caitlyn Jenner for her choices but at the same time ridicule people like Tim Tebow for his choices and religious background. Why can’t we back the choices of all people if it makes them happy (if they are legal choices)? Not everyone is going to agree with our opinions and choices. The Left is a proponent of free speech and choices if and only if it agrees with their warped views. I do not care what people think so long as they do not feel obligated to push those views on me and they are not hypocrites about their beliefs.

Gay marriage would have eventually been the law of the land in all states. Maybe it would take 10 or 20 more years, but SCOTUS should let it play out. Simply put, SCOTUS should have never ruled on this case. If on the other hand SCOTUS ruled against gay marriage, it could have put the gay movement behind for centuries. That is a huge risk, especially with a slightly right leaning court.

State rights are what used to be great about our country. Some states side with gay marriage while others do not – it is a great way to compromise on the subject.

ObamaCare rulings are a bit different. ObamaCare is already federal law, so rulings on this case would not create a new law, but possibly alter one. So I agree with SCOTUS taking up those cases (I just do not agree with the decisions).

Funny, but I am not hearing any chatter from the Left about the court legislating from the bench, but that is what happened here. As far as 2016 is concerned, the SCOTUS decision may help Republicans because it takes a potentially difficult issue out of the lime light (actually, it should be a difficult issue for Democrats because a plurality of Americans still define Marriage between a man and women, but the media gangs up on Republicans for their views – not Democrats for theirs).

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