Monday, December 1, 2014

Comparing and Contrasting Obama and FDR Failed Policies (Part VII)

There is no doubt higher wages, higher taxes, and uncertainty caused the FDR and Obama recessions to last much longer than necessary. But that is not the only way these two men were harmful and have negatively impacted U.S. society. Take for instance, two families A and B. Both families have the same income, the same number of children, and reside in the same general location. Family A works hard to save money, pays taxes, and does not receive any government subsidies. Whereas, Family B is much more wasteful, pays some taxes, but rakes in thousands in government subsidies – Food Stamps, healthcare subsidies, and even took a housing subsidy to buy their home. But according to Obama and FDR, Family B is the forgotten family in U.S. society – the backbone that needs to survive and be protected at all costs through wealth distribution. If all of that is not bad enough, Family B protests outside Family A’s church because they are pro-life, but Family A has the audacity to eat free meals at the church where they protest. To make matters worse, Family B eats more in food than what Family A gives to the church in charity. Family A gives to the Red Cross when natural disasters hit the U.S. and other parts of the globe. Family B’s children get paid by the government to knock on doors and ask Family A to do more when it comes to climate change (But Family A already saves more on utilities). Yes, we have become a society who cares more about what our neighbors are doing than what our own families are doing. Still, Family B, according to Obama is the fabric of this nation. Obama’s goal is to hopefully fill Family A with enough propaganda about how conservatives hate them that they will eventually vote for them. At school Family B’s kids are doing poorly and have to get federal government subsidized help through Title I to try to pull them up (which is unsuccessful). Family B’s kids are gifted, but no one knows it or cares that they are and in the long run they fall in a crack. It takes four Family A’s to pay for all the subsidies taken in by Family B. This cannot continue. There are already more Family B types in the U.S. than Family A types. And when the top 10% of all earners can no longer support all the Family B types the U.S. economy will break. FDR started the welfare state and others have made it worse – especially LBJ and now Obama. It is sad state of affairs when it is more acceptable to be irresponsible, unaccountable, hypocritical, lazy, and a deadbeat. We have become a nation of excuse makers and blamers. I am not saying these words explain everyone on government subsidies, but even if it explains 25% it is too much and a recipe for failure.

Unfortunately, Obama and FDR may pay their fair share in taxes, but in many regards they are no better than Family B. No president has blamed his predecessor like Obama. Obama had the audacity to take credit for winning in Iraq, but takes no responsibility when the situation changed. He took credit for killing bin Laden but he used intelligence garnered under the Bush administration. He berated Bush for civil liberty violations for his use of enhanced interrogation techniques, but he is the first president to order the killing of American citizens. When our embassy in Benghazi was attacked by terrorists Obama fabricated excuses, lies, and fault with others. Worse yet, the lazy Obama was too inconvenienced to save Americans to go to the situation room. Obama blamed Bush for many things, but he also continued and ramped up many of his policies – War in Afghanistan, Drone attacks, NSA spying etc. Obama backed teachers unions and abolished the voucher system in Washington DC but he still sends his girls to private school. FDR was intentionally unaccountable during the Hoover transition period so the Depression would worsen and the American public would blame Hoover while FDR was in office. FDR called Hoover incompetent but yet he continued many of his policies, especially social spending policies. FDR blamed Japanese Americans for the attack on Pearl Harbor and punished them in internment camps. FDR blamed wealthy for his huge deficits, but he himself could not figure out his own taxes. No, Obama and FDR are no different than Family B so it is no wonder they think they are the future of America – so much so they are willing to fund their incompetence and failure.

Obama and FDR never created one private sector job; their wealth was created solely through the public sector and taxpayer money. They only know how to spend other people’s money. While Family A sits in a cold winter house FDR and Obama are too busy living large and having lavish parties. History has blamed a Family A type for the Depression – Coolidge. Coolidge did not live lavishly in real life or at the White House. Coolidge left office with unemployment under 3% and the budget operating at a surplus – even with low tax rates. So it must be Coolidge’s fault that the stock market was overvalued at over 350? Coolidge felt a correction would come, but did not think the federal government should intervene. If we put our societies’ collective brain in a bird it would fly backwards because we have it all wrong. Modern society ridicules Family A but praises Family B thanks to FDR and Obama (and of course their liberal friends who write history books and report the news).

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  1. >>"If we put our societies’ collective brain in a bird it would fly backwards because we have it all wrong."

    That's a good way to describe the current status!