Friday, March 7, 2014

Liberal Targeting Versus Conservative Profiling (Part II)

On the other hand, what Obama, Democrats, and liberals like to do is “target” their enemies. The IRS targeted only conservative groups applying for chartable status. The EPA leaked private information about conservative groups to environmental groups who used the information to target them. The DOJ targeted conservative journalists over White House leaks, but liberal journalists at the New York Times who leaked national security stories about the Bin Laden killing or the Cyber Warfare against the Iran Nuclear program were not.

In the age of the NSA metadata analysis system, which has expanded under Obama, both profiling and targeting are made much easier. To use this data to enhance profiling is good, but if the data is used to identify a single trait or characteristic about a specific or “target” group is obviously bad.

ObamaCare targets people who do not have insurance (including the young and healthy who chose not to have health insurance) and ultimately would like it to target all Americans in a one payer system. However, ObamaCare is so bad even Democrat politicians refuse to take part in the healthcare system. So liberals are targeting a group of people to take part in a system they refuse to participate. This is liberal targeting at its best.

A good example of liberal targeting is evident with their anti-corporate views. For example, liberals do not want to provide a target group of corporations taxpayer bailouts (Wall Street, Big Oil, and big business as a whole), but on the other hand it is acceptable to provide bailouts to other groups of companies (green), individuals (welfare), groups (unions), cities (Detroit), and states (California).

Liberals target wealthy people to pay higher taxes; minorities for affirmative action, gun owners for gun control, women for equal protection, gays for marriage rights, the poor with entitlements, and target white males as those to blame for social injustices. Liberals believe American society as a whole is an injustice and does not treat people equally. Hence, they have to target groups of people to punish and target other groups of people to reward and compensate for what they believe are injustices in American society.

The bottom line is that liberals target individuals, corporations, and groups based solely on political ideology. There is nothing scientific about this so it is not profiling, it is outright targeting. Targeting, not profiling, is the dirty word.

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