Sunday, September 29, 2013

Political Vitriol

Enough with the political vitriol! As we approach another budget impasse and a potential government shutdown, the mudslinging between political parties has escalated and needless to say it is counterproductive. Politicians waste too much time criticizing others while neglecting their own duties. Obama called the GOP “extremists” this week. There have been comparisons between Wendy Davis and Ted Cruz with each side hailing their political ideologue and chastising their opponents with hate comments. Both sides are making idiotic statements comparing their adversaries to Nazis, murderers, Ayatollahs, monsters, terrorists, anarchists, traitors, and radicals. If that is not bad enough there have been statements such as “I hope your kids 'die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases'”. I do not understand how these words come up at all when describing anything happening in American Politics. America is democracy and there has never been Nazis, monsters, Ayatollahs, terrorists, anarchists, and so forth in our political system. It is puzzling how political differences create analogies which paint opponents as genocidal villains, fear mongers, and haters. People need to stop these needless attacks. First, most political vitriol is not true and secondly, political vitriol does nothing to resolve issues. Political vitriol is a waste of time.

Republicans want to stop ObamaCare and are pushing for budget cuts while Democrats want to preserve ObamaCare and government spending. It is major difference in political ideology, but that is all it is. It is a difference in opinion about political subjects, period.

I am certain Republicans will be demonized and blamed for a government shutdown (if one happens). This is wrong for many reasons. First, it takes two to tango. Secondly, Obama has been missing in action. While Obama campaigns around the country, spewing his own vitriol, he refuses to talk with Republicans. Think about it, during this process, Obama has made deals with terrorists (Syria) and Russia, and has talked with Iran’s leader. In other words, he has given our enemies more attention than his political adversaries. Thirdly, the House Republican majority has worked through the weekend to broker a deal while the Democrat majority Senate went home for the weekend. Fourthly, Senate majority leader Harry Reid has refused to negotiate and bring issues to the floor for debate.

Elections have consequences and the American people voted for ObamaCare. Now, I hope everyone gets ObamaCare and has to learn the hard way of its consequences. I believe this is the only way Republicans can win a presidential election.

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