Monday, August 12, 2013

Sandusky, Hernandez, and Governing Bodies (Part III)

The NCAA would be wrong to punish Florida over Hernandez, but since they set the Sandusky precedent, they would be negligent not to be consistent in their actions. After all, if the NCAA treats Florida differently than Penn State than that in itself is a NCAA violation because they are providing one school an unfair advantage over another school.

My point to this blog post is to show what happens when a governing body, in this case the NCAA, decides to make a power grab. Once a governing body implements a power grab, that power is there forever. The NCAA called the Penn State power grab a one-time deal. However, if the NCAA refuses to act against other schools equally, that is wrong.

This is the problem with government agencies alike. Once they implement a power grab, that power is there forever. For this reason, our society is loaded with rules, regulations, laws, and mandates that are strangling society and our constitution.

I have argued that one of the most influential things that define our persona is how we behave once given a position of authority. And my experience is most people abuse their power once in a position of authority. This explains why the federal government is growing beyond control – power grabs. It explains why there is a web of bureaucracy in every facet of government. It explains why there is so much fraud and waste in government. It explains why laws, rules, regulations, and mandates are not enforced equally amongst states, corporations, municipalities, individuals, and organizations.

Think about the Obama power grab and how that has increased the power of the executive branch and the federal government. He created Czar Posts with no congressional oversight. He has moved unilaterally on very complicated and controversial issues – gun control, immigration, climate change, and war (Libya). He has placed the control of healthcare in the United States (18% of GDP) under federal law. He has enforced laws such as ObamaCare and foreign aid as he sees fit, not as they are written. With the help of the Supreme Court, our federal government has the power to force Americans to buy any product they see fit – and call it a tax. The federal government has taken over all student loans. This is all bad precedent and this power taken by the federal government has come at the expense of the individuals who reside in this country. This precedent and federal power grab under Obama has weakened the Constitution and has literally annihilated all states’ rights.

No power grab is a one-time event, it is permanent! Once power is increased at one level, this means it must be weakened at another level. It is common sense just as is the conservation of energy, mass, and momentum – there is a conservation of power.

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