Friday, February 8, 2013

Obama’s New America (Part II)

Unilateral Action – No President has expanded the power of the executive branch by using executive orders for controversial measures such as immigration, education, guns, and war (Libya). Executive orders are used to advance political ideology and agenda while avoiding debate and transparency over controversial subjects.

Executive Power – This President has expanded the power of the executive branch through executive orders, executive privilege (Fast and Furious), the appointment of Czars who have no oversight, and through the passing of a record number of rules, regulations, and mandates which cost the taxpayers an additional 430 billion dollars.

Constitution – With the ruling that ObamaCare is Constitutional then what rights belong to the states and individuals anymore? If the government can force individuals to buy a service or product what laws can’t they pass? The Constitution is becoming less relevant than ever before.

Nanny State – The ObamaCare ruling along with locality laws such as banning McDonalds Happy Meals or soft drinks over 16 ounces means government intrusion into our lives continues to escalate. This suggests the government believes Americans are too stupid to make mundane decisions over their health and wellbeing. Maybe this is true, but why punish everyone for the irresponsibility of a few.

Lazy America – Liberals say that Americans are not lazy and receiving entitlements or handouts does not make than any lazier or government dependent. I disagree and the statistics prove we are lazier. The percentage of Americans receiving entitlements is increasing dramatically (a sign of dependence), Americans are less innovative, the American economy no longer dominates global competition, and Americans are more obese and less likely to exercise then play with electronic gadgets, and so on. All statistics point to the fact that Americans are becoming increasingly lazy.

Medical Costs – Since ObamaCare does nothing to control healthcare spending, but instead increases spending expect medical and insurance costs to continue to spiral out of control.

Drugs – States such as Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana and since the federal government does not seem to be concerned with enforcing federal drug laws, expect this trend to continue.

Gender, Ethnic, and Class Warfare – Obama and Democrats, with the aid of the media, have created a state of fear mongering making the public paranoid that conservatives are waging a war on women, the poor, and minorities.

Blame Storming and Apologies – No President in our history has blamed a predecessor for his shortcomings than Obama and to make matters worse, no President in history has apologized to enemies for predecessor policies than Obama.

Middle East - The Middle East is chaos and tensions between Israel and Palestine are at their highest levels. Iran is closer to an atomic bomb and long range missiles to transport these bombs. The Arab Spring has brought inept and radical Muslim leadership in Egypt and Libya. Our Embassies have been attacked around the region, including the death of 4 Americans including Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.

War on Terror – Obama’s policy has been to identify and kill and terrorists instead of capturing them to obtain information. Since Obama policy provides terrorists more rights than U.S. combat soldiers, the administration is unable to collect critical intelligence from captured terrorists anyway.

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