Friday, December 7, 2012

Democrats Want to Go Over the Fiscal Cliff

There are many reasons why Obama and Democrats want to go over the fiscal cliff and the evidence is pointing that way. First, Obama’s tax and budget proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff was outlandish and he knew Republicans would not go for it especially the part about giving Obama sole control over the debt ceiling. This is equivalent to giving the biggest deficit spending President in history who has yet to pass a budget a blank check. The president is so insistent on raising the tax rate on the wealthy and opposed to increasing tax revenue by eliminating tax loopholes even though he made that suggestion in 2011 (and this is what Republicans prefer). Obama’s proposed tax hike on the wealthy is also much more than he campaigned for. Finally, instead of proposing some spending cuts to appease the right, he proposed more stimulus spending. Secondly, Harry Reid refused to vote on Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal in the Senate when Mitch McConnell gave him the opportunity. Reid called it a Republican “stunt”. Thirdly, if the President sincerely did not want to go over the fiscal cliff he would be in Washington negotiating instead of campaigning to garner public support if things do not go as planned. Here are the reasons why it is advantageous for Democrats to go over the fiscal cliff:

  • Most polls show that the public would blame Republicans for going over the fiscal cliff by nearly a two to one margin. Not sure why because the consequences of going over the fiscal cliff implement anti-conservative measures such as massive tax increases on ALL Americans and military budget cuts. The consequences of going over the fiscal cliff amounts to massive austerity measures including 500 billion in new taxes and 200 billion in spending cuts – 700 billion total about 4% of GDP.
  • The economy has already begun to slip into a recession and the only way for Obama to avoid being responsible is to go over the fiscal cliff. In other words, going over the fiscal cliff would mask the recession we are already heading into.
  • Going over the fiscal cliff will mask the effect 50 billion dollars in ObamaCare tax hikes will have on Americans.
  • Going over the fiscal cliff is more favorable to liberal ideology and philosophies. It raises taxes on all Americans, but most significantly on the wealthy and businesses. It cuts spending to the military and leaves most other discretionary spending and entitlement spending in place. It will cut spending for unemployment benefits and spending to doctors who accept Medicare patients (the Doctor Fix). Remember, ObamaCare also omitted the Doctor Fix from its legislation forcing doctors to drop Medicare patients so this too seems to be a favorable liberal policy.
  • By going over the fiscal cliff Democrats can protect congressional members in conservative districts from taking a position on taxes and spending. It will also protect incoming hypocrites like the wealthy Elizabeth Warren who has yet to pay her campaign debts.

I am for it, let’s go over the cliff. After all, Americans will have to suffer before we can pull ourselves out of our massive debt and entitlement conscience society. If the recession is long and deep, then going over the fiscal cliff will end up being a negative for Democrats too in the long run.


  1. I agree, Patrick. We are in a no-win situation.

  2. Yes, an unfortunate situation for all of us.