Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Liberal Fairness

There is another article out today about liberal fairness and it is the latest example of how fairness is misconstrued: If there is a day remembering fallen military veterans (Memorial Day), then in the eyes of liberals it is only fair that there must be a day honoring draft dodgers. Oh yes, draft dodgers are placed at the same level in our human existence as fallen heroes. As if there is a comparison! This got me thinking of all the liberal fairness taking place in the Obama tenure. Here are a few examples:

Scooter Libby can go to jail for outing an CIA desk jockey whereas Hillary Clinton can be President even though she lied about Benghazi, destroyed government documents, used her public email to correspond about national security information, received millions of dollars from rogue countries (or countries that do not believe in basic human civil liberties) during her time as Secretary of State, and she failed to report all her speech earnings to the IRS. If this was you or me, we would be in jail. Mitt Romney can be ostracized for his “47 Percent” comment, but you hear very little about Hillary Clinton telling the Press that they were broke and had a tough time paying the mortgage on their homes when they left the White House. Yes, that’s plural, multiple houses!

Mitt Romney is called out of touch because he is wealthy and did not pay his fair share in taxes. However, the Clintons do not get the same scrutiny even though they are just as wealthy and failed to disclose all their earnings for taxes. And let’s face facts, no one was more generous with his money than Mitt Romney – he gave more than 25% to charity.

Bush can be ridiculed for saying “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq, but Obama gets a rosy treatment by the press even though he said Iraq was stable and left prematurely. Now, a majority of the country is occupied by ISIS. Obama even said Yemen is an example of Middle East stability – Yemen is now also in turmoil. As is Libya, a country that Obama moved unilaterally to support opposition forces. In fact, many of weapons supplied to the opposition force to overthrow Qaddafi by the U.S. are now being used by ISIS and were used in several attacks against Western sites including the Benghazi embassy.

Bush was butchered by the Press for collateral damage and the killing of innocent civilians for using drones. Obama has since escalated the drone program without any notice.

The press wanted Bush tried for war crimes for the treatment of enemy combatants in Guantanamo Bay. Obama is hailed for killing enemy combatants (instead of capturing them) including Americans without giving them their right of due process. Obama criticizes and chastises Christianity, but has never condoned radical extreme Islam.

Obama criticizes and investigates big city police forces for their role in the killings of a few black men (turns them into racial incidents), but says nothing about the increased violence in these cities including black on black crime. Bush is a “war mongerer”, but Obama wins a Nobel Peace Prize even though he moved unilaterally to go to war in Libya and Iraq and escalated the conflict in Afghanistan.

When Bush was President, daily headlines included death and casualty counts. Under Obama’s watch there is very little mentioned about this, even though global instability is much higher and more people are dying in wars.

Obama is allowed to be ignorant on issues (Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, DOJ targeting, etc.) and blame his predecessor for his problems – no President would have been given such a pass. In fact, to date, many of the Obama scandals still have no resolution and no one has been held accountable.

Bush and Cheney were loathed for expanding the powers of the Executive Branch, but the press is indifferent or has hailed Obama’s executive actions.

Obama has expanded welfare including eliminating the work aspect to the law and increased taxes (he also added other welfare programs including ObamaCare). Now dead beats (I know, not all people on welfare are dead beats, but many are) are allowed to collect money from hard working American citizens struggling to get by. Face it; Obama policies target the responsible and reward the irresponsible.

Fighting terrorism is acceptable in the Obama tenure, but it was not acceptable in the Bush tenure – instead other reasons for Bush wars were given such as oil. It is okay for Obama to go to war to overthrow a rogue leader – Qaddafi, but it was not acceptable for Bush to overthrow a rogue leader – Saddam Hussain.

Under Obama it is fair and acceptable to support nations that do not protect the civil liberties of humans and pressure decent democracies to also support civil liberty hating nations (i.e. Palestine and Israel).

Global and national chaos are okay under Obama. Any other president would be scrutinized for increased crime nationally and Middle East chaos and wars. Especially when he is doing nothing about it.

The liberal view of free speech is that it must be protected at all cost, unless of course someone has a different point view. Then violence or anything is acceptable to squash free speech. We see this at colleges and universities all the time. If you are convinced climate change is manmade, then you are an idiot and science denier. Although, every pro climate change person I talk to has never seen or understood a climate model.

It is fair to negotiate with terrorists and rogue states – look where that has gotten us. North Korea and Iran are on their way to the nuclear bomb, Russia is attacking satellite states, and we trade five al-Qaida terrorist leaders for one deserter who will go to jail.

It is fair to have enemy combatants tried in civilian courts, but U.S. military personnel charged with a crime must go before military tribunals.

Obama political correctness such as replacing terrorism with manmade disaster are all about liberal fairness. We can go on.

Let’s face it folks, there is nothing fair about liberal fairness. Especially in the Obama tenure.


  1. Good post, Patrick. Liberals definitely devote a lot of time trying to mess with our perception of what's "fair."

  2. More military-worship…disgusting but predictable!